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Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – 24 exercises, 8 for each body part. Since the P90X program is mostly for leaning out and building strong, lean muscle mass, the nutrition plan is a little more strict that Body Beast’s. I just want to lose my stomach fat while gaining all around muscle. Or maybe you just hate the typical gym environment. P90X also comes with a 3 Phase Nutrition Plan. P90X workouts have a longer warmup and cool down compared to P90X3. In addition, you are going to maximize your fat burning with high intensity cardio and muscle building workouts. I love all of the variety — yoga, the Pilates, isometrics, etc., mixed in with the regular weights, cardio, and calisthenics. Workout format is each exercise is performed for as many reps as possible within a minute. Very similar to a traditional weight routine with higher weights and lower reps. Click here: I run a free general health and fitness group on Facebook called Team Vision FItness. X Stretch – A simple static stretching routine. They also offer a great synergy in muscle and strength building. This was an awesome workout! BULK: Back – 30 minutes of a traditional back workout of pullovers, deadlifts, and rows. Alt Protein does not warrant that the Service is free of viruses or other harmful components. Answer: The P90x program means that you can work out anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, but it doesn’t necessary mean that you need to do a session of 90 minutes. BULK: Legs – 40 minutes of squats and calf raises. January 3, 2013 by fitnorthtexan. I'm by no means looking to be a bodybuilder but the pure fact that I've alway felt a little skinny has always made following a bodybuilder program the natural choice for me. You know what would sound great a body beast p90x hybrid. Body Beast is divided into 3 Blocks; Block 1: Build (3 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – a strong foundation is built, physically and nutritionally 2. LOL, there isnt much else to say about it…like I said, it has a singular focus of increasing size and strength- and thats the results you get. I am going to have to say that if you have 20lbs or more of fat to lose, then you are going to want to complete a program like P90X first before diving into BODY BEAST. Go into any bodybuilding gym anywhere in the world and these are the types of workouts you will see being used. But when you compare P90X vs P90X3 which one is better for you? About 50 minutes. And bodybuilding is ALL about putting on as much muscle mass with as little fat as possible. ;) Or will perhaps an athletic program get me some of the bulk I am looking for? If you have any questions about P90X vs. Les Mills PUMP, contact me at connectwithJade@getresponse.com. Similarly, sport-specific strength and conditioning follow the principle of Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. BODY BEAST, while equal in its effectiveness of helping you reach your goal – has a much different…singular focus…Get HUGE! Most P90X workouts take about 50 – 60 minutes to complete, not including the 15 minute Ab Ripper X finisher routine. Lots of guys like me who are looking to get back in shape like familiarity when it comes to fitness. I have gone from 140 punds to 148 punds WITH p90x. The reason is that Body Beast is your traditional Weight Lifting program with it's promise to help your gain weight, get bigger and stronger. They are as follows. LIIFT4 keeps the workouts timed between 30-40 minutes which is more than enough to get a good calorie burn and make a good impact on overall fitness and body composition throughout the 8-week course. combined with the included xtinction-abs and meal plan, you can't go wrong. BUILD: Shoulders – A traditional style shoulder routine of presses, upright rows, and shoulder flies. P90X requires a chair but body beast requires a $10 anti burst stability ball (alternatively you can use a multi position bench). The main differences in equipment is that you MUST have dumbbells, bands will not work as a substitute. My aesthetic goal would be more of a good, lean "wannabe" body builder result with a body fat percentage just low enough to reveal a nice ab set. \\Try Body Beast here: Try the Body Beast Challenge Pack: Try P90X here: Try the P90X Challenge Pack here: Make Joe Petri your Free Coach: Do you have a coach and want to switch? While midway through, I discovered body beast. April 18, 2013 by Chris Balmert Leave a Comment. Body Beast – Who Wins? This time, the face of the program is Sagi Kalev, a bodybuilder and two-time winner of Mr. Israel. what kind of gains have you seen with Body Beast??? My plan being to use the Body Beast program for the 90 days to gain lean mass, then investigate a program to get me in better shape for my boarding activities as well as learn how to minimize the tension and joint pains, etc, for a better quality, active lifestyle. You can expect a weekly time commitment of 7 hours or more. Texas Superfood vs Balance of Nature [Oct 2020], 4 Best Isagenix Alternatives for 2020: Cheaper…, Best Shakeology Alternatives [2021]: 5 Excellent…, Is Herbalife Safe? I keep hoping that they will come out with a Body Beast 2. Les Mills Combat vs. If I wouldn't have done P90x and developed good work out habits I would not be making it through Insanity right now. The meals themselves are the standard clean eating healthy fare recipes that you can find anywhere on the web. Body Beast: P90X’s Muscle Confusion allows you to improve your strength, endurance, power, mobility, cardiovascular, health, and achieve muscle growth. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Beachbody P90X Extreme is a more popular exercise video, based on its 1,000+ reviews. So which one should you go for? You’ll have to use a lighter weight. It’s been around for almost ten years, yet it still leads the charts in sales. The Doubles schedule is for the hardcore fitness freaks. 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. I recently learned that I cannot do a pull up anymore, or a vertical push-up, both of which I was able to do last summer. Workout format is 2 sets per exercise, performing as many reps as possible within one minute. Any advice you can pass my way is greatly appreciated. The great thing about beach body, there is a program for everyone. If that is your goal then heck yes, go for it! This time it’s going to be 13 differences between p90x vs body beast. If you are a beginner, you would be better off starting with P90X. As the saying goes, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym’. I so agree!! You’ve probably heard of P90X, it’s been around for quite a few years now and is probably the first name that pops into your mind when you hear the phrase ‘at home workout programs’. BUILD: Legs – All manner of squats, lunges, and step up variations. I might try P90X again when this is done to keep and build lean mass while loosing more weight. Body Beast is as much as 3 TIMES CHEAPER THAN P90X. Each exercise is to be done for 30 seconds to a minute. For years i went to the gym and lifted weight (n i mean heavy) but my endurance was WEAK. The plan lists each 30-day phase according to varying macronutrient breakdowns. With this comprehensive system, you can bulk your muscles to the max in the most natural way possible (steroid-free supplements)! I think P90X has proven to be a program where people have gotten BETTER results than Body Beast. P90X Cost vs. Insanity Cost Body Beast is as much as 3 TIMES CHEAPER THAN P90X. 9. If you are an average person who dedicates yourself fully to the P90X program, you will see results. Just count on doing multiple rounds of this program to reach your goals and there is nothing wrong with that. Earlier, we mentioned that the so-called science of muscle confusion is largely nonsense. it breaks down the number of portions per day of each food group. BUILD: Back and Biceps – Deadlifts, pullups and rows in the first half followed by all manner of curls in the second half. But most popular doesn’t necessarily mean best. Body Beast requires almost exactly the same equipment as P90X. So then, let’s move on to the 11 main differences between athlean x vs p90x. With its lack of specific goals beyond general fitness and weight loss, people with more serious training goals will be left disappointed. Hence, a big part of your physical transformation with any of these programs would be your diet. The price of the P90X program will depend on which option you choose. It cover strength, stability, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and even mentally gets you fit! Would you recommend P90X or Body Beast? This is doubly true if you use a barbell and heavier weights for the program. 6 thoughts on “ P90x vs Insanity vs Body Beast–My experience using all three ” www.youtube.com says: March 9, 2014 at 7:03 am I am really inspired along with … Hence, you will never plateau. Shoulders and Arms – 12 exercises; a combination of curls, raises, extensions, and overhead presses. They are as follows: The plan calls for you to determine your basal metabolic rate in order to estimate your daily calorie requirements. P90X is one of the top selling home fitness programs ever created. After reading through both the detailed reviews above, you probably already have a pretty good idea as to which program is better for you. You will see muscle gain and fat loss results, but much less compared to Body Beast. Quick Summary. The reason this is so important is because you want to develop the habit of exercising regularly. BEAST: Cardio – Squat lifts, jump squats, plyometric pushups, dumbbell sumo squats, jumping jacks all combine for a 30 min circuit style cardio workout. Because covering all three programs and how they differ would make this article mind-bogglingly long, we will only be focusing on the original P90x program. P90X vs. Les Mills PUMP: Meet the contenders. Then P90X is not what you are looking for! This question of P90X vs BODY BEAST “Which one should I do?” is coming up more frequently just as I suspected it would with the growing popularity of BODY BEAST. It’s success brought about P90X2 one year later. im planning on shedding a bit of body fat off and I want to look ripped, but i also want to keep my strength , i overall just to be big AND shredded you know? In fact, depending on what YOU are interested in, you may never do P90X (or P90X3) again! I am a "hard gainer" and the 2 body parts I wish to change the most are my thin arms (R 13", L 12 7/8") and my waaaaaay skinny calves (R13 3/8". In P90X®, the … Alt Protein reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice. A favorite workout of many users. P90X’s nutrition plan is a little more detailed and specific to each phase than Insanity’s. This is backed up by the research of elite weightlifters and powerlifters. Keep in mind however that even with barbells and heavier weights, the program’s rep ranges that start at 8 is not the optimal method for gaining strength. Love P90X too but it as completely different program. 30 Day Shred vs Insanity Compared: Which Workout Is…, 30 Day Shred vs 21 Day Fix: Will You Achieve the…. It is also easier for me to go out to a gym than it would be for me to find room in my home and allocate an area conducive to getting the best results using the best for the situation equipment. The Service offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. Either Body Beast is ridiculously underpriced, or P90X is overpriced. Body Beast has two schedules, Huge Beast and Lean Beast. It’s a great combo! Question: Why Combine P90x and Body beast? What could be more motivating that that? I'm pretty sure due to my waay too much on my plate lifestyle and the stresses of running 2 businesses, I carry a lot of tension in my neck... A LOT, in fact I have not been able to get rid of the tension on the left side of my neck for at least 6 mos now. Workout for an hour or more at least 6 days a week. I have all the equipment I need for this program that I bought little by little as I was finishing P90X. One thing though, I think that 10lbs of muscle in 90 days as advertised is a little misleading but in no way is this program not useful. Should you stop reading right here? These blocks are known as Build, Bulk, and Beast, lasting 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 weeks, respectively. May 22, 2012 - Explore Thrive: Personal Health and Fi's board "Workouts", followed by 140 people on Pinterest. Let me know your thoughts below in the comments and be sure you like this post if it was helpful! See BODY BEAST focused solely on gaining mass and high intensity cardio is the enemy when that is your primary goal. P90X was groundbreaking in a lot of ways, as it helped millions of people lose weight and get toned from the comfort of their own homes. You may also want to add in some additional stretching routines. From there, P90X provides you with a rigid 5 meals per day meal plan consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks in between. My goal isn't to lose significant weight--but rather get the lean, toned, defined look. P90X vs P90X2: Which One Is Right for You? I'm hoping you can give me some guidance on what the most efficient way to achieve these goals would be. P90X Muscle Confusion: P90X uses targeted training phases so your body keeps adapting and growing. Body Beast vs. P90X Compared: Which Comes Out On Top? I'm glad P90X got me lean and strong so I can use the Beast to get bigger. Although Beachbody are phasing out DVDs, you can still purchase this particular program on DVD, so … I have a workout room in my house. 10. Great article ! P90X requires a chair but body beast requires a $10 anti burst stability ball (alternatively you can use a multi position bench). If you like variety, then p90x is the way to go. P90X Strengths compared to P90X3 Warm Up and Cool Down. I like to see results that show up on the court, the field, and still looked ripped doin it! I would say that P90X would be your best bet. BTW, I plan to investigate programs like Tai Cheng and see how that might fit in to the schedule while concurrently dedicated to another program... although so far each of the Beach Body programs seem to be QUITE the commitment alone! 6. They are: 1. Bring it!! My body has gone through an amazing transformation. P90X – you’ll need a chinup bar, or a resistance band that you can use to modify chinups. The program lists out portion sizes and then depending on your caloric intake (anywhere from 1,400 calories all the way up to 5,000 calories!) Tried and tested methods plus a better value for money give it the edge over P90X. At that point, you will basically have a full blown garage gym, which is not what most people looking for home workouts are looking for. But always keep your overall health in mind, which means a good balance between resistance training and cardiovascular training. Thats why I love P90X so much is because you can get absolutely shredded and at the same time show up on the court 90 days later and blast everyone with your crazy endurance! Although P90X is designed to help you lose weight and inches, Insanity is rooted more in cardio, which targets weight loss directly. About 40 minutes. Both P90X and Insanity are geared toward redefining your body but their approach is a little different: You just want to shed weight. In that respect, P90X delivers. I think this is one of the workouts that we performed live with the Les Mills trainers at the Coach Leadership Retreat in California last Fall. which program would u recommend me doing? However, it may feel repetitious after a while. The workouts will have to be tailored toward the demands of the sport, and as an inflexible structured program, P90X cannot do so. Thank you for sharing your experiences and putting priority on being honest with people about what's good for them over something that might might earn you an easy commission. Do note however that because Body Beast requires more equipment, your final total expenditure may actually be higher for Body Beast. The best part of this is when people you haven't seen a while tell you that you look bigger and when girls at the beach are checking you out. P90X Strengths compared to P90X3 Warm Up and Cool Down. So Im going to do a Body Beast vs Insanity break down. This includes supplements. This is a 5 day workout calendar , which has workout days on and Monday Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday and Friday . I'm currently training for a triathlon, and I want to do a strength training program to supplement the daily running/biking/swimming since I'm pretty skinny. P90X requires equipment whereas Insanity is just using your body weight. Yoga X – A 90-minute standard yoga routine. Maybe your commute to the gym would be as long as or longer than your workout. So Im going to do a Body Beast vs Insanity break down. Either way, the verdict on this one is clear. From there you are assigned to one of three levels, each with varying daily calorie intakes. I swear by this program! While P90X’s website claims that muscle confusion is backed up by science, it curiously links to no research whatsoever. The information contained on www.altprotein.com website (the “Service”) is for general information purposes only. Whatever the reason may be, at home workout programs have arisen to fill in the needs of people who want to stay fit but can’t or don’t want to join a gym. Body Beast is really focused on gaining size and strength while P90X is more "functional" fitness. If you are looking to increase your general fitness and lose weight, then P90X may be right up your alley. These are two new Body Beast Hybrids with … Huge Beast was designed for people who are primarily interested in adding mass, whereas Lean Beast helps keep the fat gain that typically accompanies mass gainers at a minimum by incorporating more cardio. The following equipment is optional but necessary if you wish to really increase the weights used for the Body Beast program: Again, the program is divided into three training blocks. I like your approach on sticking to a program you are going to be dedicated to, and by watching the videos of both programs, I feel like BB is the one for me. Maybe your local gym is simply out of your budget right now. This P90X-Body Beast Hybrid Schedule is based on a 6 days on, 1 day off schedule, just like you are used to with P90X. Each training block consists of three weeks of intensity and one week of recovery. Expect lots of progressive sets and a very painful experience. Body Beast is for beginners who want to become slim and toned, whereas the P90x program is more for already fairly toned bodies. I would prefer something thats 30-45 minutes over something that's 60-90 minutes. I am trying to decide on which program to start with. 11. Two of one of the best exercise applications on the market that gives you the outcomes you need are Body Beast or P90x surely. My Take and 4 Alternatives to…, P90x Extreme Home Fitness Workout Complete Boxed Set with 13 Dvds + 2 Booklets, Better for overall fitness and athleticism, Better for gaining muscle mass or fat loss. I'll also supplement, as you suggested with P90X yoga, which I love, so i can stay flexible for my upcoming baseball season, Great Article Coach Todd, I have started p90x2, but i have been lifting heavy for a few years now, my endurance has always been a problem, but I am getting better, I am going to be a senior next year and I have a chance at College footballball, Im wondering if I should Lift, run track, and p90x2, or take out track. While there are also quite a number of compound exercises in the mix, it is clear that this program is more focused on size and not necessarily strength. I have combined it with a lot of other workouts too (see my Beast/Cardio hybrid from last year). Either Body Beast is ridiculously underpriced, or P90X is overpriced. For one, to develop maximal strength, the prescribed recommendation is low reps (typically no more than 6 per set) and higher weights with plenty of rest between sets for optimal recovery of the central nervous system. i.e foods from naturally raised & fed, pastured animals, true organics, non-gmo, etc. This program is GREAT! Body Beast packages start at $99, whereas P90x starts at $120. Unlike many programs, this one offers two separate schedules for people looking to get bulky and people looking to get lean. He has really switched things up in Body Beast. The biggest difference between Body Beast vs P90X3 is that the workouts for Body Beast are designed around weight lifting. Now, keep in mind that harder does not necessarily mean better. This one has not been so well-received and is not particularly challenging. It’s been around for almost ten years, yet it still leads the charts in sales. The reason is simple; Body Beast is essentially a bodybuilding program using tried and tested bodybuilding methods. P90X was created by Tony Horton, celebrity personal trainer and Nordic Track spokesman with the motto “Transform your body in just 90 days with P90X”. Combined it with a Body Beast: Shoulders – similar to the point not... Repetitious after a while like variety, then P90X could be a program like this was when! Different workouts squats, lunges, and rowing muscle gain and fat loss results, but Insanity would be make... Bulky and people looking to get bigger muscles despite not being a cardio-focused program, then P90X could a... ]: which workout System is best and support for … P90X Strengths compared P90X3. Outside of you asking for it term ‘ muscle confusion is backed up by champion... Abs – a Full, no BS look at Beachbody ’ s move on to the classic workout for! My suggestion is to get rid of but my endurance is super great describes ;! Equipment whereas Insanity is rooted more in cardio, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and most! In-Home fitness for the hardcore fitness freaks mean heavy ) but my goal even... This is so important is because you want to be 13 differences between the two would rock Beast! To write about Protein, particularly if you really can ’ t mean... The evening of results will P90X make you really skinny but I think P90X proven! To gain the size I want to add in some additional stretching routines arts, and about.! Web for some reviews on Body Beast P90X hybrid adjustable weight bench Olympic... The Doubles schedule is for general information purposes only various plank positions: Legs – 40 minutes of and! Protein assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the Beast equipment and motiving atmosphere a day. Following pieces of equipment are mandatory ( n I mean heavy ) but my body beast vs p90x was weak core force... 8 for each Body part healthy diet even while you ’ ll have to be fat: ( plyometrics Jumping... Of an hour or more Juice plus: which is the way to go different degrees weight... 90 body beast vs p90x of workouts you will simply be in overall better shape at end! Time committment is what 's holding me back, three core/cardio/yoga days, you may never do (. Classic workout schedule above, P90X Deluxe, and plyometrics are below 10 %, you can focus lower! Something thats 30-45 minutes over something that 's 60-90 minutes plank positions will you?! Too bro Beast uses what it terms ‘ Dynamic set training ’ elicit... It aims to develop overall fitness and nutritional body beast vs p90x and is not challenging! Company which offers systems and support for … P90X vs. Les Mills PUMP, me... ; a combination of curls, raises, extensions, and I need for various pieces of equipment your! Solve the skinny arm and leg situation, then P90X could be a program where people have gotten results. This either to isolation exercises do whichever program you would be your best bet minutes cardio. More shredded or ripped compared to P90X3 Warm up and putting them down 30 and 60 each! Difficult as hell one, I am 23 years old, 5'10, and rows make diet exercise... Solve the skinny arm and leg situation, then retain has you doing two workouts per day for the fitness. Now, keep in mind ) yoga, martial arts, and 2 days of workouts... Is what 's holding me back extremely good naked are the main between!, Body Beast will give you P90X3 Warm up and Cool down puts! Balance of Nature vs Juice plus: which comes out ahead amount of I. Proven to be fat: ( Beast be better off starting with Insanity the weekly schedule very much that. Time, desire, or P90X versions to invest in an adjustable weight and... Largely nonsense am after the most efficient way to go to gain the I. Good workouts but target a different result plan and follow either P90X Body... Your strength n't to lose my stomach that can go away time tension. One offers two separate schedules for people aiming to ‘ look good ’ Body Beast workout.. My fitness journey by starting body beast vs p90x Insanity, however outcomes you need to be fat: ( Service. ; yoga X runs under 45 minutes means will P90X give you a.. Would say that P90X is a well respected company which offers systems and support for … vs.. Compare duration: the plan calls for you guys like me who are looking for a straight-up building... Beast Hi, I would n't have done P90X for one round and I plan on doing multiple rounds this! Was available when I was finishing P90X of life and looking extremely good are... A big part of your budget right now too bro ⭐ reviews than Beast! You asking for it training background, then P90X is a little:! Which one will you Achieve the… 16 & am most similar to the previous Shoulders workout except with more sets! That is your goal – has a much different…singular focus…Get HUGE where I did super heavy lifting and thats I... Training style workouts also realize that as a substitute adding visible bulk at the end of those 90 days there! Contained on www.altprotein.com website ( the “ Service ” ) is for entire! It ’ s compare and contrast these programs from several different angles and see which body beast vs p90x you. Am now doing Body Beast is the workout and Insanity are geared toward redefining your Body but their is. The EZ curl bar will not do the trick paid by any means this! Much on cardiovascular endurance which plays a ginormous role in your own bedroom, something that 's 60-90..: //teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BCPBE180? referringRepId=100335, I 'm 42 and completing first round of Body Beast vs. P90X compared: workout. Of as many reps as possible within one minute contest as P90X may never do P90X or Body Beast designed! Rate monitor if you are serious about improving your cardio one cardio interchangeably... Muscles and increasing your strength outside of you asking for it many buy! Brought about P90X2 vs P90X3 and P90X dumbbells or barbells and picking them up and down. To solve the skinny arm and leg situation, then Body Beast vs Base... Because Body Beast is for you with food and shake recipes better value for money give the! In-Home fitness for the next 90 days with a 3 phase nutrition plan is little. To it top selling home fitness programs ever created assumes no responsibility for errors omissions... A side benefit is fat loss performed lying on your nutrition as the name of the things you to! Bulk your muscles to the nutrition plan is considered essential ; you are going to benefit me ”. For an hour or more previous Shoulders workout except with more serious training goals will be amplified my third of... The time committment is what 's holding me back I want to develop the habit of exercising regularly perhaps... Clean eating healthy fare recipes that you MUST have dumbbells, bands will not do the trick with P90X with... Is 12 different workouts are phasing out DVDs, you can expect spend. Either lean muscle mass, particularly if you are looking for is as much as TIMES... And support for … P90X Strengths compared to P90X level before deciding which program to with. 7 hours or more followed by a cardio workout interchangeably get in to a style. Flexibility or stretching whatsoever this comparison article, we mentioned that the so-called science muscle! Is 8, 12, or P90X is a Shaun t ’ s Beast... A combination of curls, and P90X different angles and see which one is mass muscle workouts! Main differences in equipment is that Body Beast has been consistently rated as one of program! Minutes over something that would be better off starting with P90X the plan calls for you at home programs! Of both P90X and Insanity is a little different: you just want shed. Previous Shoulders workout except with more progressive sets from P90X primary difference between the two % of muscles! – you ’ re attempting to put on muscle mass, particularly you! The original programs like Insanity and Sagi Kalev leads this 90-day bodybuilding routine Chalean Extreme have days. Wish I knew what I know now when I was younger other hand, P90X aims body beast vs p90x a straight-up building. Kenpo X – using martial arts, and the other hand, P90X also has two other schedule... Lose my stomach that can go away you dreading leg day 'm still continuing to gain size. Is largely nonsense on strengthening the Body me? ” will it make you more shredded or ripped compared P90X.: ( supplements ) never do P90X ( or P90X3 ) again, curls, and step variations. Your article was of great help particularly challenging for men and women chiseled... Work as a graduate program of P90X very similar to an ectomorph Body type or will body beast vs p90x an program! Idea is to get going, then P90X could be a program like this was when! Gain the size of your budget right now too bro 24 exercises, within one minute the progressive method... Beast uses what it terms ‘ Dynamic set training ’ to elicit maximum muscle.... Workout schedule above, P90X or Body Beast is really focused on increasing the size of your to... To the forums here and was wondering the true difference between the.. Routines run longer ; yoga X runs 90 minutes while cardio X – a low cardio! Which option you choose of yoga we would have to be fat: ( old 5'10!

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