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lidl chocolate chips

The low prices drew us in, but the quality of their store brand products and availability of all our grocery staples keep us coming back. 46 % 18g Fat. 57 % 59g Carbs. Fun post! They’re $3.99 here, vs. $5.49 at Harris Teeter. 5⭐ I'm just a tiny bit of a Jenny C, December hopefuls! I'm still working on my backlog, Today is the first day of Advent! Described as the "perfect ingredient for recipes, or as an on-the-go snack," these baking chips are the ultimate way to upgrade your desserts. With the exception of cereal, every Aldi product we tried side by side was comparable to the brand name version. Cereal is one category where I feel the brand name is worth the extra cost. Arrange over a tray … What do you think of their products? Using avocado in your chocolate mousse is a great way to make it even creamier, whilst adding a load of green goodness to your lidl’un’s favourite dessert. no-bake almond, chocolate chip and coconut power bites. I’d call this Aldi Taste Test a success. Log Food. I totally understand what you mean about cereals, though – they’re similar but juuuust not quite the same. 3 % 3g Protein. Results – Jay and I both correctly identified Pop-Tarts. Daily Goals. about Lidl. We LOVE their staples, like milk, eggs, cheese, and bread. Chocolate ice cream pie. My husband loves fish but I can’t stand it, so I’ll have him check out their selection next time we’re there! There are some things that I religiously buy at Aldi that I love better than other brands and are much cheaper. How does this food fit into your daily … The label says they are 40% chocolate … ready in: 5 mins. However, Jay thought the exact opposite!

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