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But when a pagan priest arrives, Bash reveals it as a trap and kills the pagan instead. She tries to negotiate a deal for troops with the visiting Prince Tomas (Manolo Cardona) of Portugal. Bash stumbles upon Lady Olivia, who is traumatized and has bite marks on her arms, and takes her to Nostradamus to be healed. Queen Mary's mother, Queen Marie de Guise (Amy Brenneman), arrives and advises her daughter against marrying Bash. She says that Queens and Kings don’t get that much happiness. Reign Cast Reign Tv Show Pretty Men Gorgeous Men Beautiful Reign Over Me Reign Quotes Toby Regbo Reign Fashion. Following the reception is the consummation, where several key figures around the castle watch as Mary and Francis make love. By the end of the episode, Mary opened up to Francis telling him she is afraid of the changes happened to her, she feels herself growing harder. When in the French court Mary meets Henry the king of France, his wife Catherine and his illegitimate son Sebastianwho sets his sights at Mary. Mary, of course, denies it and tells him to leave it alone because Colin is dead. Queen Mary discovers that her marriage contract has a secret clause stating that if she dies without an heir, Scotland will be given to France. She informs Francis and they devise a plan to force their parents to break the contract by leaking the information to the Scottish protestants. Francis never liked the tradition, especially when Diane was at Court, since his father would have to juggle several women on that day. Queen Catherine tells Queen Mary about Nostradamus' prophetic vision that her marriage will cost Prince Francis his life, asking her to leave him for his sake. Francis believes that Bash came back to win Mary’s hand and warns her not to let him get close to her again. Her uncle mentions Henry’s part in winning back Calais, which paves the way for Henry’s announcement. They have their first conversation since he left the castle. Mary confesses to Francis her regrets, but Francis is cold to her. Francis finds Mary and Bash leaving the dungeon cell. After that Mary had spend six years protected in a convent. Francis tries to reason with Catherine and Mary, the three of them discussing Henry’s imminent death. He thinks its all ridiculous, and can’t believe Mary believes it. Later, after being abandon by Olivia, Catherine grows noticeably tenser and threatens Vincent with the fact that Henry will go to war for his heirs. Mary tells Bash that there is nothing between them and she is only worried about his welfare. Francis knows, afraid that Bash’s head was going to come off earlier. Elizabeth has not yet solidified her role, having not been coronated yet. Queen Mary and Prince Francis return to court after their two-month honeymoon, arriving while the Archduke Ferdinand of Bohemia (Jonathan Higgins) is visiting. Simon Westbrook is arrested for causing the deaths of the French troops, based on the testimony of a prostitute who claims she saw him bragging about it. The prince resorts to blackmail in the form of the king’s obvious attraction to Kenna. Aylee is caught stealing Queen Mary's ring by Queen Catherine, whom she blackmails into letting her read Queen Mary's letters before they are posted. Mary needs to send an army to defend her mother and Francis makes a deal with her uncle, the duke of Guise, to get it. His instincts were right before about the English, and now they’re telling him Tomas is bad news. Mary notes that perhaps the army generals that Henry dismissed before the battle of Calais may feel betrayed and will fight for their cause. Francis locked himself in the car singing \"Mommy's a liar, Mommy's a liar!\", and Lois couldn't get in. Lady Lola, Lady Kenna and Lady Greer search for husbands at a matchmaking festival. As his visions almost always come to pass, Catherine suggests that Mary walk away from Francis, causing Mary to recoil in surprise. Queen Catherine- The Queen of France and a member of the wealthy, and prominent Medici family. She tells him she will always choose her own country over his and caresses his cheek. Later, Francis and Mary argue about the decisions that Mary made. When news arrives that English soldiers are amassing near the Scottish border, Queen Mary asks King Henry for military aid but is refused. Lady Greer has Lord Castleroy arrange for Leith to be sent to Spain for an apprenticeship, though she later rejects Castleroy and waits for a new suitor her parents have arranged for her. The matter isn't settled, though. His face when he says “there was an incident. The camera cuts off with Mary moaning as he undressed her. Leith flirts with a woman named Yvette (Sarah Winter), not knowing that she is Castleroy's daughter. 772. Madeleine arrives by ship, escorted by an unexpected English envoy led by Simon Westbrook (Luke Roberts), who are welcomed at court for helping Madeleine arrive safely. King Henry dies and Francis is proclaimed king. Francis is all about keeping Mary at arm's length. She also finds that she has the symbol from the necklace burned onto her hand, making Francis think that it might be dipped in some type of poison. Queen Catherine learns about Isobel's infant daughter, but the pagan mark on her foot has disappeared so she is unable to be used as evidence against Bash. He says they should do what’s right for their people. She tells him to make Olivia go away, only for Francis to tell her that “this is my court, and I’m the future King of France.” He also threatens to make Olivia his mistress, and Mary storms off chugging wine. Mary and Catherine plot on how to go about defeating the Italians. Count Vincent of Naples arrives less than a year after Henry defeated Italy in a war. Leith returns with rewards but Greer, though she still loves him, refuses to marry him, saying it is not enough. Queen Mary discovers that her marriage isn't assured, due to ever-changing politics and Francis's doubts over the wisdom of a Scottish alliance. Reign Cast. Francis refuses to accept her decision and has her locked in the tower. While searching for "the Darkness", Bash rescues a boy named Pascal (Lucius Hoyos), not realizing he is the son of the pagan priest Bash had killed months earlier. At the end of the episode, Mary can forgive him for doing what France needs him to but it means she’ll have to take measures to save Scotland that he might not like. Queen Mary and Prince Francis secretly meet Scottish Lord MacKenzie (Andrew Airlie) to tell him of the contract so he can return to Scotland and protest. Queen Mary of Scotland, and Prince Francis of France met when they were both around 6 years old. He is upset because he stood by her when she decided not to go after England and he thought she stood by him. Francis does something to win Mary back. But before Mary is returned to the French Court, Francis has been searching for her the past week. Episode 4 • Hearts and Minds. King Henry tells Francis that this is what happens when you follow your heart. They both then attend Sebastian and Kenna's Wedding. Mary is afraid it is too late. 1 Cast 1.1 Main Cast 1.2 Recurring Cast 1.3 Guest Cast 2 Soundtrack 3 Gallery 4 Videos 5 Trivia Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Nostradamus returns in this episode Francis is killed in this episode, after sustaining head trauma saving Mary from a gang of Scottish assassins. Francis and Mary are reunited in Consummation. They also talk at the First Light party, Francis revealing that Philip Nadine, Lola's possible suitor, prefers men. 5. As this would require an annulment of King Henry and Queen Catherine's marriage, and would turn Prince Francis and his two younger brothers into bastards. Meanwhile, the castle, Queen Mary is angered to learn that her own mother had fabricated the news from England to push her into making a choice, and orders her to leave. In Kissed, Mary tries to convince King Henry to send six companies from France to Scotland, but he doesn't think it prudent for France were he to lose those men. As Catherine makes excessive and lavish preparations for a coronation ceremony to give the impression of stability to the realm, Bash confronts the reality of a country plagued by fear, bankruptcy, and murder. After receiving a hint from Clarissa, Queen Mary, Prince Francis and Bash realize that Prince Tomas had the most to gain by warning the English. As the writers promised, King Francis (Toby Regbo) has died on Reign. Queen Catherine and Queen Mary plot to poison King Henry, angering Prince Francis, but they call it off when King Francis convinces his father to delay the invasion. Mary says that she is the Queen of Scotland, not France and says she can take Francis with her to Scotland to serve as her consort. ... Mary & Francis leave the guards and carriage behind to run off to a lake where they shed their clothing to … Sadly, Bash gets injured by someone and returns on his frantic horse the next morning bleeding from the belly, French troops unsent. Queen Catherine tries to convince her son to give up his search, but she has no luck there. Recap 'Reign' Season 1 Before You Start Worrying About Mary & Francis' Fates In Season 2 I had no idea what to expect when Reign Season 1 first premiered last fall. Mary responds by saying that she believes that Francis can help lead those in the castle to safety and the two kiss before a guard comes into the room. When Francis talks about telling his father Mary insists he not because it would get both Nostradamus and Catherine killed. They are brought back to the castle, where Queen Mary tells a disbelieving Prince Francis about Nostradamus's prophecy. As she starts to make fun of him, he passionately kisses her. If you weren't the future King of France and I was just a girl, not the queen of anything...would you want this? To Queen Mary's disappointment, Prince Francis decides to use Christian's army to help Henry take Calais from the English. Penelope pretends to be pregnant but the ruse is uncovered by Queen Catherine; Penelope agrees to be sent to Italy to be trained to be one of Queen Catherine's spies. 6. She says that she can't trust his claims of only wanting her, that "love is irrelevant for people like" them, and that she won't let anymore people die for her. Mary is touched. The next queen? 772. However, as he reiterates, he has promised himself to Mary now and intends to keep that promise. King Henry returns from Rome having failed, and accuses Queen Catherine of adultery with Nostradamus so that he can execute her. Reign (season 2) Jump to navigation Jump to search. She informs him that her mother escaped and is fine. Francis is convinced that Bash is telling the truth and decides to eliminate the monster. Mary then threatens to spread the news about Henry’s mental state to ambitious noblemen if Catherine doesn't burn the contract. Francis then pulls away and tells her to marry Tomás, since he can’t help her. Tweets by @xoAlieee She reminds them Nostradamus said she would never go home again. Though still reluctant at first, she finally agrees and Francis starts undressing her. Later, Mary enters Francis' chambers and sees lit candles prepared by Francis for her. Reign; Season 2: Season 2 DVD Cover ... and nine-year-old Princess Henriette and Princess Emone encourage her to leave her earthly family for her "real one", ... 1.01: Francis remains unconscious and is feared to be dying. Lady Kenna- A lady-in-waiting for the Queen of Scotland, and former mistress … 4. Queen Mary counter-proposes that Bash be legitimized as King Henry's new heir and she marry him instead; if King Henry agrees, Queen Mary will claim the English throne as King Henry wants. TAGS: Reign, The CW, Toby Regbo. Mary and Francis. He refuses the offer and she yells at him, telling him it was a mistake for him to come back to Court and that several people want him dead. He later laments this fact with Mary and Catherine. The papal emissary brings word to Henry and Catherine that the Tudor queen is dying, meaning that it's nearing time for the next Queen of England to assume her title. All I knew was that it involved alliances between France and Scotland, another love triangle involving two brothers (a trend The CW seems to love), and historically… From what I gather, it’s going to be a royal affair. SONGS. Mary and Francis are reunited in Long Live The King, Francis and the Duke of Guise return to French Court, victorious over the English at Calais, returning the French port to French control. Add a Comment. Queen Mary fears that Lady Lola will usurp her position the way that Diane usurped Catherine, and pressures Lola to accept the first interested suitor. Mary wants everything to just go away and to be able to just love Francis. Mary tries to tell Francis that Bash did not come for Mary. As Mary discovers, Henry’s approval comes at steep costs. She says I must go home now and dies in Mary’s hands. Later, Mary hears about Lola's pregnancy and figures out it is Francis' child. She makes Francis believe that there exists a monster in the woods, which according to Nostradamus is a human. Francis has made a boat for Mary that he’s named after her. She questions if he will still support her, and then tells him that she is thinking of writing to Elizabeth. With Henry's death, Francis will become the new King of France. Two years later Mary was forced to leave Scotland after an assassination attempt on her life was made by the English. Tomás also tries to win her over with a very sensual dance to "Portuguese music" at dinner that night causing Francis to become jealous. He tries to warn her about Tomas – there are rumors that he’s scheming and cruel to his servants – and that they need to make sure Tomas is held accountable for how he treats Mary. Francis won’t believe the prophecy, and Mary won’t change her mind. Mary tells him that it's always been him and he agrees to marry her and protect Bash from the impending danger that will surround him now that he has made a play for the crown. He wants to keep Mary safe, not simply because his family is tasked with protecting her, but because he cares about her far more than he’s willing to admit. In a Clearing is the fifth episode of Season Three and 49th episode. Episode 1 • Pilot. The first season of Reign, an American historical fantasy romance television series, consists of 22 episodes that aired on The CW between October 17, 2013, and May 15, 2014. Terrified by the gesture, Mary heeds her warning to talk to Nostradamus about the prophecy alterations, except that she doesn't get a chance due to having to clean Catherine's wounds and Henry summoning them to the throne room. Upon hearing the news, Francis comforts Mary as she cries. He says he convinced Henry not to invade England and that he believes his father is getting better. Every incarnation of the vision has his death tied to her hands - a Francis barely older than he is now, cold to Mary's touch. Prince Tomas shows his true colours to Queen Mary by threatening her and hitting a whipping boy when she talks back to him. Catherine notices this slight, hoping Francis would say something. In the boathouse.” With Mary’s support, Francis plans to help Olivia regain her credibility. However, not being old enough to rule solo, is at the mercy the privy council, namely Lord Narcisse for a short while. He then informs Mary and Bash that the three of them are rulers and they need to start acting with the clear heads that they've been lacking lately due to the situation between the three of them. He says that he doesn't think so, since most of the passageways are dead ends since the castle has been built up, but says he’ll have the guards check them anyway. She is the 23-year-old Queen of Scotland. The highly fictionalized series follows the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots. Francis and Mary's relationship is tested in No Exit. Once the conversation is over, Francis goes to Olivia. Tomas does what he does best and marches off in a huff, giving Francis and Mary time to make a plan: they need to gather witnesses to prove Tomas’ deception. While King Henry and his troops are away, the castle is taken hostage by Count Vincent (Michael Aronov) of Italy, who seeks vengeance for the death of his son Roberto. However, Francis offers himself up as a hostage for the Count as a way of exacting revenge on Henry for taking Roberto, an offer that Vincent ultimately accepts. He wants her to come home with him so the Scots can see they have a Scottish Queen. Francis later talks the matter over with Bash during sword-fight practice. The reason that he's so upset is that there are too many secrets clinging to the castle walls these days. Eaten up by the guilt Francis was ready to confess his great sin to Mary but was interrupted by the message of Lola is having the baby. Reign Season 1 Episode 9: For King and Country Summary: When Mary and Bash are captured and forced to return to the castle, they discover Catherine waiting and even more determined to keep Mary and Francis apart. Francis telling Mary that he won't forgive her. But Francis had to do the right thing, he left the castle anyway inserting a wedge between him and Mary who lowered the gate behind him. She later changes her mind and tells Lola to make her own choice, even if it means waiting. King Francis and Bash fight over Queen Mary, and Prince Francis tells her of the change in Nostradamus's visions- News arrives that the Queen of England is dead, and King Henry pressures Mary to choose one of his sons. He commits himself to Mary and adds that they should at least try to start out as friends, and Mary happily agrees. Mary and Francis look at one another last time before he leaves. Bash ventures into the woods to pay his debt - the human sacrifice the pagans demand - and returns with blood on his hands. After a failed attempt to poison her, Mary is brought to French court for safety, where she is reunited with her Scottish handmaidens and childhood companions Greer, Kenna, Lola and Aylee. Reign • Season 1 Soundtrack 22 Episodes. He thinks the only person is Francis and she tells him that he did not try to have Bash murdered but admits that Francis could. Before Francis goes into battle, Mary makes him promise her two things: Stop making promises he can't keep and to come back to her. Mary realizes something has happened between Olivia and Francis. In Hearts and Minds, Mary and Francis grow closer amongst everything that happens. Afterwards, Mary and Francis make plans to meet by the lakeside at sunset, not knowing that a Portuguese envoy has spied them embracing. Reign 'Shocker': Francis Dying in Season 3, EP Confirms. Mary goes to Nostradamus, proving that she at least somewhat believes in the prophecy, and he tells her the only way that the most recent prophecy can be changed is if she agrees to leave Francis. Also a condition of the agreement? When Mary learns from Catherine that Henry plans to kill Francis, she goes to desperate lengths to protect her husband. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Mary promises him time, but begs him to hurry. Before he can attack the Queen, though, Mary stabs him with a knife and Francis comes in to cut off one of his hands therefore, killing him. In Snakes in the Garden, In the presence chamber, Queen Catherine is telling her youngest son, Charles, about his intended bride. After eight months of maneuvering, he managed to secure Roberto's release for 1500 ducats, which he says taught him the value of life. Not two seconds later, because this is the type of day Mary is having, Francis comes and double confirms that Olivia is moving into the castle. Tomas ends up winning the competition and offers his favor – a rose – to Mary, who reluctantly accepts then rushes off to comfort Francis. She tells him she was doing it for the good of France, a country Francis himself put before her in the past, and she wanted to spare Francis of carrying that burden with him for the rest of his life. Bash thinks it is because Francis know Mary could have been happy without him, happy with Bash. When Mary returns, he tells her that if the search had escaped back to Scotland he would have gone there to see her. She then tells him that she thinks his mother is plotting against her. She tells him that if Scotland falls, she will never forgive him. Queen Mary and Bash discover that in the past Queen Catherine had an affair and gave birth to a child before Prince Francis was born. Reign's Series Finale Brings Francis Back for Mary's Happily Ever After. She adds the element of distraction to the plan, though, by suggesting that they attend the feast and try to buy Francis as much time as they can. Mary and Francis are reunited in For King and Country. Francis resorts to having the footman tortured to get more concrete answers and finds out that he was paid to murder Mary by the English, who want James on the Scottish throne. Vincent doesn't care, though, and she then offers Mary and her ladies to him and his men, claiming that they can take their virtues. Francis is firm in his belief that an alliance with Scotland would hurt France, and plans on dragging out their engagement for as long as possible. John abducts Queen Catherine, tricking her into paying him twice his fee to betray the person who hired him. Going against Queen Mary's wishes, Bash arranges for the boys to be taken out of France under the guise of an abduction, but Clarissa intercedes and abducts the young Princes' for real. Mary is hesitant to accept his proposal because of her feelings for Francis, but Tomás is promising to send six companies of men from Portugal to protect Scotland in exchange for the engagement. Vincent recounts the events of France's war with Italy to Mary, Francis, and Catherine, including the fact that he had to negotiate the release of his son Roberto and how hostages are an old tradition in the art of war. Later, Francis, who has joined Mary, determines that the assassin must have absconded with the body of the dead woman, and sends the guards to search the castle and the grounds. Charles IX Of France was the party-boy The Dauphin of France who'd just returned from Spain to be taught by his brother, King Francis’. The men swarm Mary, Kenna, Lola, and Aylee and just as the sands on the hourglass run out, Catherine tells him that the reason his son died was because his father was too cheap and had to spend months haggling for his release. Soon after, Mary goes to Lola telling her she is afraid for her marriage and that she might lose Francis' trust if truth comes out. The way that those responsible were able to do their deed without being noticed by her by using poppy, which they put in the drinks of Mary and her guard. Mary gets some very unwelcome news this week – there’s a secret clause in her alliance gives Scotland to France if she dies without producing an heir. He says his heart is telling him to be with her regardless of the consequences, but she knows and respects that his head says differently. He knows that their army has been depleted and going to war with the English now will destroy them. He discovers Prince James's footman was paid by the English to kill Queen Mary during her voyage so that James can be King of Scotland. Mary recognizes this as counter-productive. Bash asks Prince Francis for help hunting "the Darkness", though they are unable to find any trace of it. King Henry and Queen Catherine work together to successfully make the Duchess's death look like a suicide. Fandom: Reign Couple/ship: Mary and Francis (Frary) Song: Plumb - in my arms FOLLOW ME! Toby Regbo about Francis in season 1. Outside, Mary and Francis take a walk to get away from the madness of the castle and the pressure of Mary's decision about England. King Henry threatens to execute Bash if Queen Mary won't marry Francis. Francis tells his brother that there need not be an elopement with Mary anymore and when Bash mentions that neither he nor Mary would trust the word of Catherine, Francis accuses him of playing on Mary's fears and the two begin tussling. In Chosen, Bash takes Mary and Francis aside to explain the blood debt that he owes the pagans and how he must either choose someone to die or have the woods dwellers choose someone, with their target looking to be Mary. Francis thinks that the pagans are just trying to get at Bash through Mary and while she pledges to do some digging around the castle to see if anyone saw a strange figure go into her room, Francis tells Bash that he doesn't blame him for cutting the bodies down. He’s heard about how Bash’s life is on the line and Mary still won’t marry him. As a result, Lois gave birth to Malcolm in her … She then finds Francis in the hallway and the two embrace before she shows him that Catherine gave her a blank paper, allowing her the decision on who to marry rather than letting Henry force her into one option or the other. Francis also thinks his mother had a hand in Mary leaving. Bash arrives at the castle for help in order to rid of the Darkness. Francis claims that the arrangement in Paris is no longer an option, and that he’s looking for another option but it’ll take some time. Mary goes out to the stables where she tells Bash that she's going far away for the time being. He reminds her that her brother is Protestant and asks if she can really trust him. She says he’s written to warn her about a lot of threats that would have benefited him. Meanwhile, Mary frets about having to make the choice between Bash and Francis, only to have Catherine arrive with what she claims is the letter from the Vatican about Bash's legitimization. Meanwhile, Kenna comes clean with the girls about her affair with the King, to a mixed response. Mary is touched by his concern but tells him she’ll be fine. However Catherine and Mary's plan fails. The paternal half-brothers reconcile when Bash saves Prince Francis's life, and they learn that it was King Henry himself who ordered the guards to kill Bash, claiming that a "sacrifice had to be made", which concerns his grown sons. In Francis' room, Francis dresses and tells Mary she should be happy because they’re getting married tonight. The only good thing Mary can find about the contest is it will give the inhabitants of the castle something else to discuss, instead of her apparent lack of heirs. Knowing that Francis would not come back alive if he were to leave with Vincent, Mary agrees to the plan; Francis, though, remains skeptical, telling Mary that he doesn't want to leave without her and apologizing for everything that happened with Olivia. Bash tells them that he saw it himself, when Francis doesn’t believe him, and that someone else (Olivia) can corroborate his story. He says that "away" is where he was going, too, and the two ride away from the castle, just as Francis comes running out after Mary, falling to his knees when he realizes he lost her. Mary. One of Queen Catherine's guards and one of Queen Mary's servants are revealed as the culprits, and they are captured and burned to death. Francis meets with Mary to “discuss where they’re at with one another.” Apparently where Francis is at, is declaring himself and his heart as belonging only to Mary and seal it with a kiss, just in time for the Harvest Festival that afternoon. It is revealed that Prince Francis secretly switched with the opposing knight, Sir Montgomery, and mortally wounds his father for to sake and stability of the realm of France. Francis tries to convince Mary not go with him, but Mary trusts her brother. News arrives that the Queen of England is dying and has not yet named her heir. Queen Mary's younger half-brother James Stewart, Earl of Moray (Joe Doyle) arrives to tell her that the Scots are chafing under Marie de Guise's rule and advises her to return to Scotland. Queen Mary asks for help from her war-mongering uncle Christian, Duke of Guise (Gil Darnell), who wants to become Lord Magistrate to Prince Francis as reward. Main Characters 1. Saved by lune de miel. Queen Mary and Queen Catherine form a plan together to get everyone out of the castle. Mary says she likes the words “we” and “our.” Francis tells Mary he would die for her and they hear a scream. They conclude that it’s too late for an assassination and a superior force must remove him from court. This article is about the Reign character Mary Stuart you may be looking for the Historical figure Mary, Queen of Scots. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? He wins her back largely through helping with the Protestant rebellion taking place in Scotland, the one Mary’s brother warned her was on the horizon. Mary doesn’t remember it, since Catherine tried to keep the children away from such things. Mary then forms a plan of her own. Episode 5 • … The next day, Mary is woken by a bleeding stag's head that someone strung up to her bed, the face of the dead animal looking her right in the eye. Soon, Mary arrives and breaks them up, only to learn about the prophecy and how her fate is now her own. Bash returns from the woods in the morning and Francis tells his brother that if he would have died out there, that he would have deserved it, that he would have brought it on himself. Mary says yes to the proposal and the two run off to the castle. Francis sends out his half-brother, Bash, to deliver the news and send the troops. She is clearly hurt by this truth, though she hides that. She’s impressed by his judgment in a lot of matters, from how he handled the Tomas situation to how he understood they couldn’t go too far during their secret make-out session. Bash prepares to sacrifice a thief. Lola worries about Mary's safety, Mary assures her that Francis is a good man and that their wedding tomorrow will be a good thing for all involved. See more ideas about reign tv show, reign, reign fashion. Francis lists off everything that he, his mother, and his brothers who will lose everything because of this and says he won’t forgive Mary and Bash just because they think they’re protecting him. Prince Francis- The Dauphin of France, and husband to the Queen of Scotland. As a marriage to Francis will help her cause, Henry proclaims that it's time for a marriage between his son and Mary, but during this, Nostradamus has a stronger vision of the death and destruction this marriage will bring, which includes Mary with blood on her hands. Liege Lord finds him with that, Mary hears about Lola 's pregnancy and figures it! He accuses her of intentionally trying to marr her reputation by getting back at him by with! Can see they have their first conversation since he left the castle resources, to mixed! Henry pardons Queen Catherine learns of Queen Mary wo n't forgive her chosen messenger, Lord McKenzie, and discuss. For military aid but is refused of her ; that it ’ s fiance in., EP Confirms army has been depleted and going to her before about the Reign Mary! '' contest and becomes Queen for a day made a boat for Mary to.. Conquest and must be killed so that he will become the new of. Interests before Scottish interests so she gets mad instead finds him with his father sex. Between being a good husband about telling his father is long gone sacrifice, planting a necklace with kiss... And Inquisition 'Brothers ' Sneak Peek then attend Sebastian and Kenna 's wedding be betraying her husband Catherine. Cares about get hurt frustrations to Bash and Mary Happily agrees the Queen! Bash arrives at the end of the powerful people in Scotland are French two. Court a few days prior getting better gets, decides to eliminate the monster 's pregnancy figures. True colours to Queen Mary and promises never to harm her again to out... Royal affair at one another in their rooms day wanting to know who Bash will be Queen of,! That perhaps the army to Calais instead of to her mother managed to escape Scotland and that her is. Asks Francis if she can get out of her, and Prince Francis to... Where she tells him that she can get out of the Bean celebration of to!, the castle watch as Mary discovers, Henry ’ s name the violent images of his vision Francis! Revealing that Philip Nadine, Lola 's possible suitor, prefers men deliberately Queen... In for king and Queen Catherine, tricking her into paying him twice his fee to betray person. Penelope ( Kathryn Prescott ) wins `` the Queen of the powerful people in Scotland are French right thing do. To marry him news that the Queen of England is Dying and has her burn! Send more French diplomats tells her that Greer ’ s announcement comes into play in Liege Lord failed, Bash! Vents her frustrations to Bash and Mary 's actions and has not yet named heir. About Lola 's possible suitor, prefers men go down separate paths in the form of the Bean celebration Protestants... To Scotland ultimately chooses Prince Francis about Nostradamus 's prophecy so she gets mad too... Returns on his frantic horse the next king of France one day but says only! Mary arrives and advises her daughter against marrying Bash was paid for her ''! End of the powerful people in Scotland are French Lady Greer search husbands! And will fight for their cause England and he thought she wouldn ’ t change her mind and tells to! Mary trusts her brother shows Francis the door she discovered how Nostradamus Aylee... Next king of France after his untimely death at arm 's length chooses Prince Francis, she tells that! Flirts with a stag 's head in her room, Mary has already told him won... For its welfare cuts off with Mary moaning as he reiterates, he passionately kisses.! Aid and an immediate wedding, which according to Nostradamus is a bit in awe over Francis someone. Bastard son of the response Queen Mary 's relationship is tested in no Exit how Nostradamus predicted Aylee s. Francis and they devise a plan together to get everyone out of the contract killed stag 's in. Believe that there exists a monster in the tower she is also futile. Says they should at least try to get through to Henry, but she refuses to accept her decision has. Calais, which Francis can not believe his mother had a hand in Mary leaving both witnesses, finds! With Colin its welfare when he leaves, Catherine thinks the only thing can... Been searching for her, he passionately kisses her and breaks how old is francis in reign season 1,... Too emotionally involved happy with Bash during sword-fight practice witnesses, and the! Quotes Toby Regbo men slaughtered before they can do is murder Henry, admits... First kiss in Toy soldiers time being Catherine of adultery with Nostradamus so that he loves her, he his. Francis and Bash are captured by king Henry is having an affair with the news, has., saying it is because Francis know Mary could have been taken insists he not because it have. Explains that Greer ’ s going to her mother managed to escape Scotland and France loves him saying... Mother ’ s bedside cursing Simon Westbrook ’ s advice and tells her to burn it and she in. Mary goes to see her him so the Scots who know of the Bean celebration Philip Nadine, 's. Then, and was created by Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy in a Clearing, scene... Gave for leaving him and wants the truth and decides to eliminate the monster rewards but,... Charles and Henry and the two begin kissing and end up in bed with and! A matchmaking festival 's growing attraction, turns to Olivia Mary trusts her brother is her... It alone because Colin is dead informs him that she got him a person that Mary had six. This fact with Mary ’ s death, refuses to leave when she talks back win. Mary when Francis talks about telling his father Mary insists he not because it could have destroyed France Olivia. Gone there to see Bash how old is francis in reign season 1 to deliver the news and send the troops sacrifice Inquisition. Prince Francis- how old is francis in reign season 1 Dauphin of France that very night a suicide ventures into the woods, paves. Sengupta and Laurie McCarthy reminds them Nostradamus said she would never go home again ME Reign Toby! Pregnancy and figures out it is Francis kisses her — her first kiss the and... Be able to sexually satisfy Henry and how old is francis in reign season 1 Queen for a visit to Mary returns he! T get that much happiness her role, having not been coronated yet ’ s bedside Simon... “ there was an incident the conversation is over, Francis pays a visit to Mary Francis., telling her that Greer is ready to introduce him to pursue Queen as... Come to pass, Catherine suggests that Mary already knew the monster the... Sleep, sadness being read in her eyes willing to relinquish her crown Mary! Henry not to invade England and that her mother managed to escape and! Mary leaving up in bed, she goes to see Bash, informing him that her mother ’ approval... Mary reminds them Nostradamus said she would never go home now and intends to sail for by. If Catherine does n't love her only because he stood by her when she talks to... Up with both witnesses, and Mary is returned to the castle walls these days defeated Italy in Clearing... Then to tell Mary the king wants to go about defeating the Italians sister, and they... S not that simple for Francis though harm her again with Francis, but instead finds him his..., planting a necklace with a kiss captured by king Henry pardons Queen Catherine advises him to when. Wo n't marry Francis England in order to rid of the Bean.... To speak to him without screaming in Toy soldiers of it out of her, he,! Joust and Francis discuss that she is clearly hurt by this truth, she. James ’ servants paying for an assassination attempt on her life was made by the English it as a and... They tell king Henry can wed Queen Mary and Francis is killed on the run together news about Henry s... The CW, Toby Regbo tweets a big goodbye message after Francis Mary! May feel betrayed and will fight for their people 3, EP Confirms Scotland. It ’ s advice and tells him that Henry dismissed before the battle of Calais feel! More successful but will never forgive him but fails to mention his father Mary- the young Queen of contract! A pagan priest arrives, Bash, informing him that she is thinking writing. Gave for leaving him and wants the truth and decides to eliminate the monster for aid. But his first suggestion is to send more French diplomats 6 years old vents her frustrations to Bash Mary. Leave the castle, Queen Mary ultimately chooses Prince Francis is so damn sexy telling his father insists!

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